Fresh Food Always Served at The Office CBK

Fresh food is a staple at The Office CBK as we have a specific procedure to be sure that our customers always receive the freshest of ingredients. That includes timely deliveries and maintaining a short shelf life. Here is a closer look at how we make sure that every patron is guaranteed fresh food.


Some restaurants and bars have differentiating priorities. There are some that emphasize turnover while others stress quality. At The Office CBK, we have made it a priority to serve customers only fresh food. That has allowed us to develop a system that ensures food is used right away.

Shelf life

Every establishment that serves food has to stock up on ingredients. However, it is important to know exactly how much to order and when to order it. At The Office CBK, none of our food has a shelf life of more than seven days. We carefully mark all our food items and when that week is up, any remaining food items are discarded. We never hang onto any of our menu items beyond that time limit.


Food deliveries are made at The Office CBK three times a week to ensure freshness. Our management staff is very particular about when those deliveries arrive. Those time slots are selected to ensure the utmost freshness of ingredients. We also order from reputable vendors who have long-standing reputations in the industry.

Food High In Protein Close Up

Local vendors

The Office CBK takes pride in ordering products from local vendors and farms. We understand that these vendors are part of the fabric of South Carolina commerce. They also provide quality food products, which we can deliver right to our tables. Patrons can rest assured that we contribute to local vendor and farmers, bringing freshness with every bite.

Quality control

Monitoring food inventory is a full-time task at The Office CBK. Our quality control is carefully carried out as we have team members checking food items for freshness on a daily basis. That means going over every menu item and every set of ingredients to ensure they are at their freshest. This is a detailed process that is attended to daily.


There is no hiding any of our ingredients. Our menu clearly states what we serve and we also fill our customers in on every ingredient used in the process. At The Office CBK, we are an open book when it comes to what we put into our menu items.