Small Business and Local Ownership is Important to The Office CBK

252763301 1257062901477839 5255387502045300273 NThere is something special about frequenting business that already brings a sense of familiarity. That especially applies to a bar/restaurant type of setting. The Office Craft Bar and Kitchen is considered a small business with local ownership and that has translated into a big-time experience. Here is a look at the small business recipe we’ve used to enhance that experience.

One part culture

Many patrons come back to a place that has a familiar feel. A locally-owned business like The Office features a wealth of familiar faces. Much of the staff remains intact and that creates a welcoming atmosphere. But the culture also extends to The Office’s brand and that is something customers identify with. Larger businesses have difficulty maintaining any type of distinct culture, although that is not the case at The Office.

One part communication

There is an accessibility that comes with a small business, one in which larger companies cannot provide. Communication between employees and managers is much more direct. That allows the business to identify and meet customer needs. It is also a way of identifying areas that need to be upgraded. Moreover, communication between customers and staff does not have to go through corporate channels.

One part customer relationships

Big businesses do not have the time to get to know their customers. Many times, they are focused more on big picture issues. At The Office, customer relationships are the big picture issues. There is a personal touch that comes with prioritizing customer service and that allows us to get to know our customers so that they become more than just nameless faces in the crowd.

One part employee development

Employees at The Office are provided with a firsthand look at all the moving parts of the business. Smaller businesses provide a prime setting to grow and develop employees. Promoting people from within allows employees to really get the chance to enhance the customer experience. This allows all employees to become very well rounded because they have a firm grasp on all the aspects of the business.

One part community

The Office is proud to help shape the identity of the local community. This also provides the opportunity to band together with other small business owners and create new opportunities and relationships. This helps contribute to local economic growth which winds up benefiting everyone in the community. Goodwill among small business owners can have a long-term advantage that is a perk for locals.